Guilty not to indulge

Antipasti platter









Enjoy our lovely antipasti platter for a proper “italian aperitivo”  and a feel of dolce vita!

Ingredients (4 people)

  • selection of cured meats (Parma ham, Coppa, Salami, saucisson…)
  • selection of cheeses (brie, grana padano, stilton/gorgonzola, cheddar (…)
  • Mixed nuts and dried fruits (optional)
  • Olives and sun-dried tomatoes (optional)
  • Bread sticks, Fresh bread  (ciabatta, baguette…)
  • Raw Acacia Honey and HoneyBerry Passion fruit
  • Grapes (optional)


  • Place cured meats and cheeses on a platter, garnish with nuts, dried fruits and grapes (optional)
  • Pour honeys into ramequins, place olives and sun-dried tomatoes into bowls (optional)
  • Serve with fresh bread and a drink of your choice! We would recommend our lovely Vodka and Cranberry Honey cocktail!