Porridge with bananasOur breakfast favourite for a cold winter day! Porridge with HoneyBerry Cinnamon, flaked almonds, sliced bananas and diced pears,
Pineapple fruit saladRaw Deliciousness 🙂 fruit salad with kiwi, pineapple and bananas, drizzled with HoneyBerry Passion Fruit
Yogurt with granola and berriesSimple and delicious, yogurt with granola and berries. Instead of berries add bananas, apples, peaches (...) and sprinkle almond flakes on the top. For a more exotic touch, drizzle HoneyBerry Passion Fruit and add diced mangoes.
Waffles with bananasIndulgence on a plate! Waffles with bananas and berries drizzled with HoneyBerry Passion Fruit. For the perfect treat and extra indulgence, add a dollop of ice-cream and crushed nuts.
Salade NiçoiseA classic salad recipe with a Dijon mustard and honey vinaigrette. Simple, fresh and healthy.
Mustard & Honey vinaigretteThis flavoursome vinaigrette will complement any mixed salad of your choice, particularly nicoise salads and green leaf salads.
Grilled Halloumi SaladA fresh and tasty salad with grilled Haloumi cheese. Check our mustard and honey vinaigrette recipe to complement this delicious dish.
Mango SmoothieFeeling sluggish? Enough of winter and the cold? Try our lovely Mango smoothie with HoneyBerry Passion Fruit and bring sunshine into your life.
Blueberries SmoothieA taste of summer in one glass. Blueberries smoothie with HoneyBerry Raspberry Honey.
Brie & Ham CroissantFulfil your croissant indulgence! Croissant sandwich with cured ham, Brie and honey
Bee’s Knees CocktailA citrus and honey cocktail invented during the Prohibition to sweeten the harshness of gin.
Antipasti PlatterEnjoy our lovely antipasti platter for a proper "italian aperitivo"  and a feel of dolce vita!
Baked CamembertA perfect treat for an "aperitivo" night with friends! To b enjoyed with our Honey Mojito recipe!
Honey MojitoWho knew Mojitos could be packed with so many natural properties! For a healthy twist to one of the Nation’s favourite cocktails, try our Honey Mojito recipe! Instead of Raw Acacia Honey why not try our Passion Fruit infused honey for a Mojito with an extra exotic touch.
Baked Apples with NutsThis is the perfect treat for a cold winter afternoon. Instead of apples use pears, peaches or apricots. You can also add mixed nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts. To be enjoyed with a dollop of crème fraîche and a nice cup of tea or coffee. Or cognac and whisky!
Cream Cheese and Strawberry ToastThe classic cream cheese and strawberry sandwich revisited. Enjoy your strawberry cream cheese toast drizzled with HoneyBerry Strawberry.